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There have been some very famous Scotties.

Scotties were introduced to America in the early 1890s, but it was not until the years between World War I and World War II that the breed became popular. The Scottie and the German Shepherd are the only breeds of dog that have lived in the White House more than three times. 

President Franklin D. Roosevelt was renowned for owning a Scottie named Fala, a gift from his distant cousin. The President loved Fala so much that he rarely went anywhere without him.

Roosevelt had several Scotties before Fala, including one named Duffy and another named Mr. Duffy. Eleanor Roosevelt had a Scottish Terrier named Meggie when the family entered the White House in 1933. More recently, President George W. Bush has owned two black Scottish Terriers, Barney and Miss Beazley. Barney starred in nine films produced by the White House.

Other famous people who are known to have owned Scotties include: Queen VictoriaEva BraunDwight D. EisenhowerJacqueline Kennedy OnassisEd WhitfieldRudyard KiplingGilbert Chesterton and President of Poland, Lech Kaczyński.  Famous screen personalities including, Bette Davis, Joan Crawford, Marylin Monroe, Shirley Temple, Humphrey Bogart and Tatum O'Neal all owned Scotties.


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