Because I am into natural and homemade things I dehydrate my own chicken livers as treats for my dogs rather than buying commercial, highly processed treats that often contain unnecessary sugars or salt. And guess what..... it's cheaper!

The other part of feeding a raw diet is that it is cheaper if you source your meat carefully. Here in Adelaide from Gourmet Poultry Cavan, I am able to buy fresh, human grade turkey necks for $1.60 kg and whole drumsticks for $2.60 kg and frames for broth making at 60c kg.

Compared to dry dog food which can cost anywhere between $3 per/kg  (supermarket brand) and $15 per/kg for some premium brands.

So feeding a Scottie on kibble means they only get to consume 175g per day (That is it! That is all they get to eat every day!). For an average premium kibble this will cost $2.10 per/day.

Each of my Scotties consume 270 to 300g of yummy real food a day. They get a variety of turkey, eggs, kidney, liver, lung, heart, other muscle meets and fermented vegetables. They occasionally get fish, roast pumpkin and fruit. They also get a little coconut oil, pumpkin seeds, garlic, parsley, apple cider vinegar and bone broth. Puppies also get a little drink of goats milk. I have calculated the average daily cost of this type of diet for one Scottie  $1.95 per/day.

So my Scotties get to have two nice yummy meals a day and I would argue that they are fitter, healthier and happier and it doesn't cost any more!

I do understand that convenience is part of our decision making process in today's busy lifestyle. I won't lie, feeding a natural raw diet does require some planning, sourcing and preparation. If you have a freezer then it won't be too bad. I find I can buy turkey and red meats and offal and spend about an hour dividing it all into daily amounts and freezing it. That way I have a couple of months supply of balanced raw food diet frozen into fresh daily potions ready to thaw and serve!

I give my Scotties a small serve of offal - kidney, liver and lung for iron and other valuable nutrients. It is important to ensure that all offal has been frozen for at least 3 days to guard against the transmission of Tape Worm and Hidatids. I freeze mine for at least 5 days just to be sure!


The great thing about not feeding kibble is that the dogs don't seem to have any issues with obesity. At 270 to 300g of real food a day they maintain good healthy weights. They are active and full of energy. When I was giving kibble my dogs were noticeably more lethargic and I was always having to cut their food back and feed different amounts to different dogs as some seemed to put on excess weight more easily than others.  A natural raw diet has cured stinky breath and the disposal of doggy do do is comparatively, a way more pleasant task. I would be interested to hear about anyone else's findings!

I do not claim that the diet I provide for my dogs is what everyone should feed. It is what I am feeding my Scottish Terriers. I have included it on my website as many years of experimentation and research has gone into its development. I have only posted it here as a suggestion for anyone looking for comparisons or perhaps guidance when starting out. As such I also welcome constructive criticism and any suggestions for improvement. Please feel free to comment at