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Scottish Terriers

There is something very special about Scotties. It has been said that those who have had a Scottish Terrier as a comrade will never forget the experience. For many, Scotties will become lifelong companions, and each Scot in the household that goes to his reward is replaced with a new Scottie puppy. Indeed, once your heart is given to a Scottish Terrier, it will remain true and steadfast to the breed for a lifetime (Muriel Lee ‘The Guide to Owning a Scottish Terrier‘).

Calan and Fyfa

The courage and tenacity of the Scottish Terrier makes them the ultimate example of a big dog in a small package. A plucky and intelligent breed, the Scottie is a versitile dog that can participate in almost any activity. The Scottie has a dignified temperament and is known as a one family dog. The Scottish Terrier has a determined nature and a no-nonsence attitude. Despite their size, they will quickly defend their territory and family (Muriel Lee).

Scottish Terriers have been described in many ways: lion-hearted, robust, alert, curious, bright-eyed, intelligent, sturdy, courageous, and adaptable. If given food, a bed, and love, they can adjust to almost any living condition with little difficulty.


The Scottie is a below-the-knee dog full of determination and courage, this is no Toy dog! They have large and powerful teeth for the size of their bodies, keen hearing and excellent eyesight. The Scottie is quick, allert, intellegent, and robust. They like attention but don't want to be overwhelmed.

The Scottish Terrier can adjust easily to children, but children must understand their independent nature and sense of dignity. This is not a dog to be pulled around and ridden on. They enjoy family walks, fetching a ball and quiet nights by the fire.


It has been said that "the Scottie is a 'Gentleman', reserved, honourable, patient, tolerant, and courageous. Calm, firm, forthright, brave and uncomplaining. You know exactly where you stand with a Scottie."

Scotties are no-nonsense dogs, they will not stand around barking for the sake of it like some breeds. If they bark you KNOW that something is afoot!

It surprises me that Scottish Terriers are not in every home. They make excellent travel companions and love caravan holidays. Their versatility really makes them suitable for all situations, from apartment living to the farm.

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