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Do Scotties swim?

Scottie in the pool

Not All Do!

I have read a lot of conflicting opinions about weather Scotties can swim or not. All I can say is most of mine have enjoyed water sports and had no trouble swimming. But not all of them do!

Having said that, I did have one Scottie that did not like water at all. He didn't even like going near the water bowl except when it was absolutely necessary.

All I would say is, test the water carefully! But it is my experience that Scotties can and do swim just fine!

Never take it for granted and leave your Scottie in the pool unsupervised. Remember they only have short legs. They may be able to swim but they may have difficulty getting out of the pool!

After posting this I received a few cautions on Facebook. Firstly it seems that all Scotties do not swim. And even if they do swim they sink when they get tired. There are also other dangers that need to be considered like their little legs getting tangled in seaweed or other underwater growth. So I guess this highlights the need for close supervision when in and around water at all times.

It was also suggested that having a life jacket for your Scottie if there is any chance they might be exposed to extreme conditions like hurricanes and floods etc, might just save their lives!

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