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Your New Calanclan Puppy

  • What you receive

  • What supplies you will need

  • Your Puppies Diet



  • Information and care support

  • Pedigree papers

  • A toy or blanket that your puppy is familiar with to help them settle into their new and strange surroundings

  • A Puppy Pack full of goodies

  • Your Puppy's Vaccination record card

  • Their Microchip details including all necessary transfer forms


  • Food and water dishes (Stainless Steel or Ceramic types best as can’t be chewed up and swallowed)

  • Food(Refer to feeding hints below)

  • Comfortable sleeping quarters, dog bed, doghouse, designated area in the home.

  • Travel crate or open box (for the trip home) if travelling alone

  • Collar, Leash and Grooming supplies (brush, comb, nail clippers, shampoo)

  • Toys. When choosing toys for your Scottie don’t be fooled by their size. Your Scottie’s jaws and teeth are very powerful and before long they are able to destroy small toys and could swallow pieces which could cause problems. Always be watchful and choose toys appropriately.


You can rest assured that your Calanclan Scottish Terrier puppy has never been fed commercially prepared dog food! They have been given de-worming medication and received their initial vaccination however, sticking to a natural healthy diet should mean that your Scottie should never have to be exposed to such challenges to their wellbeing ever again!

I believe that mother's milk is, by far, the most important start to anyone's life and this goes for your puppy to. Calanclan puppies are allowed to suckle from their mother right up until they are ready to head off to their new homes, or for as long as their mother will allow them to.

Of course, during your puppy's first few weeks of life, they have been fed entirely by their mother. At four weeks of age they began having a little baby cereal to introduce them to solid foods. Slowly they were introduced to a natural BARF(Bone And Raw Food) diet as well as milk from MUM.

From 6 weeks they have been steadily increasing their solid food intake and reduced to having one drink from mum in the evening each day. During this stage they have been introduced to eating raw turkey necks (pulverised) which is providing good bone content and calcium and making sure that they have a healthy digestive tract able to handle raw meat and bone. They have been having a small amount of kidney, liver and heart meat as well.

In their last days with me they stop having mothers milk and I give them a small drink of goats milk before bedtime.

So when you take your puppy home at 8, 10 or 12 weeks old they have been wormed with a veterinary de-wormer at 2, 4 and 6wks of age. Your Calanclan puppy has been eating a BARF (Bone And Raw Food) diet which has been fortified with supplements like Turmeric, Pumpkin seeds to guard them against parasites so they no longer require a chemical de-wormers. As they get a little older you can start giving them a little coconut oil with meals to further safeguard you Scottie from worms and other parasites.


I have clearly outlined what your puppy is used to eating so that you can make any changes that you choose gradually and avoid upsetting puppy's tummy and any unwanted diarrhea.

This BARF diet was designed by nature! It ensures that your Scottie will reach their full potential and lead a full and healthy life. These foods support your Scottie's natural immune system and creates an environment in their digestive tract that is hostile to parasites. Their healthy immune system also ensures that they are well equipped to handle exposure to any bacteria and viral nasties they should encounter. Even though a good healthy diet and clean food handling practices ensure our Scottie's optimum health, it is always a good idea to observe your dog for any signs of worm infestation so that you can respond with dietary treatment. I have discussed all the tell tail signs of worm infestation in the other pages of this website.

I want to emphasize why you shouldn’t continue to use deworming drugs, either for

prevention or to treat worm infestations in your Scottie.

There are many different drugs available and, like any drugs, they all have side effects.

And as you’ll see, there are many effective natural alternatives you can use, so there’s no need to use drugs that can cause side effects and harm your Scottie.

When you read about some of the adverse effects that have been reported for common de-worming drugs, you’ll probably agree it’s not worth the risk to your dog.

Don't forget to check out for more Scottie info.

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