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The Scottish Terrier is a medium level maintenance breed. Although they do not require large

amounts of exercise they do require you to brush their coat at least once a week. They will also

need to have a clip about 3 or 4 times a year. They will need their nails clipped regularly, as

with any breed of dog. As long as you are brushing your Scottie regularly you should not

have to bath them between visits to the groomer. Your Calanclan Scottie has been brushed

for a few minutes every day to get them accustomed to the process. It is a good practice

to continue popping puppy up on a bench or table and give them a little brush and handle

their paws and nails for a few minutes each day when puppy first comes home to stay

with you. The aim is to help your Scottie realise that grooming can be a relaxed and

Lee grooming Calan

enjoyable time. You must however establish that grooming time is NOT playtime. Short

frequent grooming sessions will help your puppy look forward to one-on-one time with

your undivided attention. You might encourage good behaviour, as well as your puppy’s

positive anticipation of grooming sessions by rewarding them with small tasty treats.

Only reward puppy if they display calm and patient behaviour during grooming sessions.

Keeping up with regular grooming sessions during your puppy’s development will ensure

that grooming does not become an unpleasant chore once your Scottie has matured.

By establishing that grooming is a “good thing” you can avoid grooming sessions which

become a war of wills or tug-o-war later on. Once your Scottie is comfortable and calm

during grooming sessions you can drop back to one brushing session a week or as required.

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