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Like most other dogs, Scotties LOVE treats! Although it is tempting to give in to them we must be strong, we must resist giving our Scotties too many treats.
Your Scottie must not be allowed to become too over-weight as this will seriously increase the risk of potentially fatal health issues. Many commercial treats are often high in salts and sugars, which are just as unhealthy for your pets as they are for you. Dried liver treats are an excellent choice or dried beef lung. If you are really keen you can do as I do and dehydrate your own chicken livers, they love em! Cheap to!
Just remember that if you are using lots of treats for training and reward purposes you may have to adjust their meal size to compensate.
Oh and watch your fingers! Scotties can be a little over enthusiastic about claiming their treats. You may have to teach them to accept treats gently.
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