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Toilet Training

Your new Scottie puppy has been trained to toilet on newspaper. So near your puppy’s new sleeping area you should put plenty of newspaper all around. Wait for puppy to wee, this is usually near a door, and puppy will usually return to this place. You will then only need to leave this area covered with newspaper. Of course accidents will happen!

Do not punish your puppy if they have an accident, this may cause confusion and stress and may cause the puppy to become reluctant to evacuate which in turn could complicate house training.

If you see puppy sniffing around take him to the newspaper. If you catch puppy in the act take them to the newspaper and praise when they go on the paper. If you are getting too many accidents perhaps having several lots of newspaper around the place so it is not far to go to find one is a good way to begin or confine puppy to a smaller area in the home so that paper can be found easily.

Once puppy has the idea then you can move to shifting the paper closer and closer to the back door. Whilst you have paper inside for urgencies you can be showing puppy to toilet outside right from the day you get home.

The easiest way to do this is to get into a routine. First thing in the morning take puppy out on the grass and use a word like ‘toilet’ or similar and if puppy does go praise immediately. Once you choose a word stick to it! If you see your puppy doing their business immediately say your word, very soon your puppy will understand and will go on command.

When you come home after being out, repeat the same procedure. Also last thing before bed repeat again. Puppy will almost always toilet within 5 minutes of waking, having a drink or something to eat, so use these times also to repeat this procedure. Before long puppy will understand that when you take them to the grass and say ‘toilet’ (or whatever) they will know just what you are talking about. They will soon know just where they are supposed to be going to the toilet. And you can remove that newspaper from inside forever.

Some Scotties are more difficult than others. I have found that some will bark to be let out the door but others will sit quietly waiting for you to notice they want out! And if you don't notice they will find a private place to go! This is the time that a doggy door which gives them the freedom to come and go at will is worth it's weight in gold!

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