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Your Scottie puppy will start to lose their baby teeth at about 14 weeks. Make sure you have lots of suitable soft toys and DO NOT leave any ‘special’ items or shoes or thongs lying about!
There are lots of teething appropriate toys available from your local pet store. Keep in mind that this is a Scottish Terrier and they have surprisingly large teeth and powerful jaws for their size. Don't be fooled into thinking you have a cute little fluffy lap dog! So choose chew toys wisely. Toys for toy or small breeds are not appropriate for Scotties as they easily manage to chew to bits which may then be swallowed.

I would also recommend that raw hide chews be avoided as they can become lodged in your Scotties palate and can also be choked on. If they must have them you must be prepared to supervise at all times.

Sometimes chewing things is not about teething at all, this is especially true if your puppy is feeling lonely they will destroy something of yours and you will find them surrounded by the pieces – this is not teething, this is because the puppy wants to be surrounded by you! Do not punish your puppy for this – scold yourself, pick up the bits, get over it and DON’T do it again!

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