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Taking Your New Puppy Home

Finally, your Scottie puppy is ready to go home with you! It is always better to bring someone along to

hold your new puppy on the way home. If you are picking up your pup on your own you will need to plan for the trip home. A travel crate is perfect but cardboard box can also provide a safe way to take your puppy home, so that he or she is not free to roam about the car while you are trying to drive.

Once at home be mindful that your your little Scottie is suddenly separated from their family and finding themselves in a strange place with strange new people. They will soon realise that they are on their own which will seem strange and may cause some anxiety. Scotties are fairly independent natured and usually handle the transition quite easily, in fact I think they like the idea of less competition for your attention! It may however be necessary to have their bed close to yours to begin with so that should they start crying you are able to cuddle them for a minute or two before putting them back to bed. Your puppy will soon adjust and sleep happily. Be firm – puppy should NOT be allowed to sleep in your bed! Security is the key and a small amount of reassurance of your love will help them settle.

Try to discourage eager children from overwhelming puppy during their first days at home with you. Give your Scottie puppy a chance to explore their new surroundings and develop a sense of security and confidence before too much spirited play. If a young puppy (of any breed), suddenly thrust into a new environment, becomes overwhelmed by boisterous excited children, they can become fearful and nervous which can negatively impact their social development.

Children must learn the difference between a cute little puppy and their toys. Puppies are living beings and children must learn not only to love them but to respect them as with any living thing.

Children should learn not to disturb a puppy when they are resting or eating. You may need to supervise children teaching them how to gently stroke and fondle a new puppy. In time children can learn how to pick up and handle puppy. A dog should always be supported with both hands, not lifted by the scruff of the neck. One hand placed under the chest between the front legs, and the other hand supporting the dog’s rear end will be comfortable and will restrain the dog whilst you hold and carry them. Always demonstrate to children the proper way to lift and hold a dog. Very young children have been known to “love a pet to death” squeezing and hugging a puppy in ways which are irritating and even painful.

Welcoming a new puppy to your home is an exciting and challenging time for the whole family. It is Important to take time to supervise and teach children the serious responsibility of pet ownership. This will ensure that puppy has every opportunity to grow and develop in a safe and friendly environment.

Be aware that the first few weeks that your new Scottie puppy spends with you, is the most important time in their development.

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