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Socialising your new Scottie is very important. It involves meeting and having pleasant encounters with different adults, children, dogs (puppies and adults), and other animals.

Your puppy will benefit by experiencing a wide range of events, environments and situations.

Any puppy’s first year is very important. Those that are well socialised grow up to be friendly and happy with people and other animals, and make very successful pets.

Dogs that were taken out regularly as puppies can take different situations in their stride and enjoy going anywhere with their owners. Dogs that like people can be taken anywhere and live life to the full.

Under socialised puppies grow into adult dogs that bite because they are afraid. Dogs that bite don’t have a bright future. Dogs that haven’t got used to lots of places and events, don’t enjoy being taken out.

The sooner the better, during the early weeks, a puppy will approach anything or anybody willingly and without fear. 14 days after puppy has had their 10 to 12 week booster vaccination it is safe to take puppy out into the world. From 12 to 14 weeks of age, puppy will become a little more cautious, approaching new encounters with trepidation, they will look to you for reassurance.

It is valuable exercise to have puppy meet a wide variety of people, situations and other animals as soon as possible. Your puppy has already been receiving a variety of experiences meeting people as well as other dogs. It is important that you make a real effort to continue to socialise your new puppy during your first few weeks and months together.

If you continue to make an effort until the puppy is at least one year old, you will end up with a friendly adult dog that can be taken anywhere.

It’s easy! Take your Scottie puppy out and about, as much as possible and as soon as they have settled in, taking care not to overwhelm them.

Since it is particularly necessary for pet dogs to enjoy the company of humans, it is important that they meet a lot of them, especially children of all ages. Take your puppy to them, and invite them round to your house. It’s easy really, and important that you do make the effort to get on with it while your puppy is still young.

All encounters should be enjoyable. Keep your puppy happy by giving strangers small tasty tit-bits to feed, or by passing them a favourite toy so they can play together.

Watch your puppy constantly for signs that they are becoming anxious or overwhelmed, and, if so, remove them from the situation, or give them more space and freedom to approach in their own time. Think ahead and try to prevent unpleasant events. Arrange for all encounters to be successful and rewarding.

Remember that young puppies tire easily, so keep encounters short, with enough time in between for resting.

A good puppy socialisation class helps with socialising and training, the class should be just a supplement as most of the work should be done by you away from the class.

Puppies are usually admitted to ‘Puppy Classes’ between the ages of 12-20 weeks and the entire family is encouraged to go so that all the puppies meet a wide variety of adults and children.

Finding a good class is essential as a bad one can do more harm than good (your veterinary surgeon may be able to recommend one).

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