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Home Exercise

Young puppies need short bursts of play/exercise for proper growth and bone development. Do not take your young puppy for long walks as this can overwork their rapidly developing bodies. If you enjoy the exercise and want to walk your puppy, increase the distance very slowly, over the next 6 to 9 months.

Scotties love to run and jump about with little you can do to stop them, just try to be guided by your puppy – if they seem tired, let them sleep. Puppies grow when they sleep!

Exercise is an important part of any dog’s physical and mental health and Scotties love interesting outings. Walking or jogging is great exercise for both you and your Scottie.

You will need to build up your Scotties endurance gradually. Short walks to begin with and gradually increase the distance or speed.

Warning! Always keep you Scottie on a lead when outside your property as they are terriers! They are naturally inquisitive and love exploring. They can become so focussed on such activities that they pay little if any attention to you and may prove almost impossible to retrieve.

You must work with your Scottie if you want them to roam free of a lead in public. You will need to be sure that your Scottie will come when you call them! This will mean always having treats in your pocket!

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