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Don’t forget to “puppy-proof” your home, both inside and out, preferably before you

bring puppy home. Be sure to remove any potential hazards before you let your new Scottie puppy explore. Until they have learnt the rules they will need to be supervised at all times.

Make sure household cleaning products and chemicals are stored safely out of reach.

Vehicle antifreeze (ethylene glycol) or radiator coolant is extremely poisonous to dogs. It is attractive as it is sweet tasting. A very small amount can cause severe kidney damage.

Rodent baits should be picked up immediately as they will kill dogs too. Puppies often find electrical cords fun to chew on with potentially devastating results!

Make sure that your home is adequately fenced so that your puppy cannot escape outdoors and become lost or worse, a victim of a car accident.

NEVER leave your puppy or any dog in an unattended vehicle – especially in summer. Always carry water and a towel or blanket for your puppy or dog when travelling.

Remember how vulnerable your puppy is to disease before they have finished the entire course of their vaccinations. They will be safe to go out in the world 12 days after their 10 to 12 week vaccination.

Your puppy has a microchip that does work to help your puppy to be reunited with you should they become lost. However it is your responsibility to ensure that you register your details and update them when necessary, with the Australian Animal Register.

Just because your puppy is microchipped, it does not guarantee that you will always get your puppy back if lost. A microchip does not mean you can disregard the importance of securing your puppy’s domain and ensuring that they cannot escape and wander in front of a vehicle or any number of other dangers that can end your puppy’s life.

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