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Lead Training

Scottie playing with ball

Lets Train You First

Because Scotties are so intelligent, training can be an interesting clash of wills sometimes. All I can say is "the sooner the better" try to encourage you new Scottie puppy to walk on a lead just as soon as you can. One secret is to find the treat that will get them to do anything. I find nice juicy pieces of roast chicken works well to begin with! You can then switch to a more manageable and healthier alternative later. I find that the Scotts like dried beef lung or dried chicken livers. The key to training your puppy is to first train yourself.

Training a Scottie puppy to walk on a lead can take some time and patience. If they seem fearful of a lead I let them walk around with a lead trailing from their collar until they forget about it, encouraging them to play etc to distract their attention away from the lead. They soon realise it is not going to hurt them and they get over any fear of the lead. (This should always be closely supervised as the lead can become stuck on something).

It is then down to a matter of wills. This is when you say ‘I want you to walk on this lead’……, then they usually look at you as if to say ‘you’ve got to be kidding’. But a little encouragement and the right reward at the ready and you will soon have them strutting around on their leads with their heads and tails held high.

This is a topic I could write a book about, and there are lots of good ones of those so I will let you do a bit of research! As I have already stated, you are welcome and even expected to contact me with any questions or queries.

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