Calanclan Scottish Terriers

Congratulations on your good taste in choosing the Scottish Terrier for your next best friend!

Calanclan Scottish Terriers are bred with the aim of producing healthy and happy puppies. As with most pure bred dogs Scottish Terriers have had some genetic problems. However by careful and responsible selection and breeding practices and modern DNA testing, Calanclan Scottish Terriers remain free from testable genetic disorders. Temperament is also a huge factor in what I strive for so great effort goes into trait and type considerations with every mating.


I wish I could lay claim to some new found wisdom about Scottish Terriers. However seeing as a dog of this general type has exsisted in parts of Scotland for centuries I don't like my chances. I have read lots of books over the years in my quest to provide the best home possible for my Scotties. So armed with the wisdom of many authors before me and my own personal experience I hope to help others experience the joy that these little Scottish souls bring to the household.

My Scotties are all '‘pint-sized Bravehearts brimming with majestic pride'‘.

Every Calanclan Scot is extremely precious and as such I endeavour to place each puppy with families who are going to continue the nurturing that all my treasured babies experience as a birthright. All my puppies are reared in the home, in a loving environment.

Von Willebrand’s Disease (Vwd) (similar to Haemophilia in humans), has been known to effect the Scottish Terrier breed and as a result of that all Calanclan breed stock are DNA certified VWd clear. They are also certified clear of Degenerative Myelopathy and Craniomandibular Osteopathy. My breeding program has been built on extremely thoughtful and selective choices. I believe that it is every responsible breeder’s duty to strive to improve their breeds, I am confident that every...

Scottish Terriers are difficult to breed and it is not a practice recommended for the faint hearted. I think it is because of these difficulties the Scottish Terrier has remained a relatively rare sight at the local park! It is such a shame that so few get to experience the special joy that these little souls bring to the household.

Calanclan Scottish Terrier is a healthy, happy, well adjusted bundle of joy, ready for all of life’s adventures!