Very Exciting news: I have purchased a new boy "William" from Europe. Now it is a waiting game. To import a dog to Australia from Europe means little William has to be 10mths old before he can enter the country. As this is my first time importing a dog I am finding it is a huge leap of faith. William is lucky enough to be living with his trainer and receiving house training sessions and show training and he is also being hand stripped on the grooming table. I am hoping that this will ready him so that he can enter the show ring as soon as he gets here. Unfortunately the wait is going to be a long one with William unable to enter Australia until January 2018. They have promised me that he will not be eating any more kibble!


So far the experience is not toooooooo bad, they are sending me a little video of his progress every week.

I hope he grows into those ears! 

William's Dad

William's Mum

My latest news is announcing 'Barf My Way' After many years of development and experimentation with my own Scotties I have arrived at a recipe I am very happy with. So like many other BARF, (Bone And Raw Food) feeders, my aim has been to simulate a carnivore's natural diet, whilst adding a few superfoods to ensure optimum health and wellbeing. I am so passionate about this way of feeding I wanted to encourage other people to adopt raw whole food diets for their pets because I want all our pets to enjoy long healthy lives. So I am launching 'Barf My Way' to make it easier!

I figure I am preparing, packaging and freezing these BARF meals for my dogs anyway, so why not offer it to others locally?

Below are pictures of my new flyer that is at the printer's.... how exciting!

I hope it takes off!