My Scottie's Diet

They come running when I say "dinner"

HOW MUCH to feed


One of the questions I am often asked is "HOW MUCH DO I FEED". I think this is a valid question from new puppy owners and it shows their concern for the optimum wellbeing of their puppies! 


Scotties eat 300g per day. I do not suggest that you have to weigh your dog's food every day but it is a good practice when you start out or when you are freezing meats in daily portions for example. This way you will soon get to know the right amount. The amount will also depend on their activity level so if they are too thin feed more or if they are gaining too much cut back! 


This applies to all ages. Even your young puppy needs to consume this amount. It is only because puppies have a much smaller tummy that we divide their 300g meal into 4 smaller portions a day to begin with. This makes it easier for puppy to digest smaller amounts and feeding at regular intervals throughout the day also means that puppy is receiving a more even energy intake to support healthy growth and development. 


Puppy's meal size can be increased and the frequency of feeding reduced as they grow. So until your puppy reaches 3 month of age they should be eating 3 to 4 times a day, from 3 months to 6 months they can go to twice a day which is the best for active small to medium breeds. Larger breeds can be fed one meal a day. 

HOW OFTEN to feed

Fasting is natural to a dog’s physiology. Some dogs will naturally fast themselves, which usually distresses their owners. This is most unlikely for Scotties!  But it mimics what would happen in nature and it gives the digestive system a break. So don’t fret if your dog doesn’t eat for a day or two. Some experts even recommend fasting dogs one day a week, perhaps just giving them a recreational bone to gnaw on that day. 

I feed twice a day and I have yet to have a meal nocked back by a Scottie.

Dogs are omnivores and are built for periods of gorging and fasting. So if you skip a mealtime every now and then it is no biggy! I think it is safe to fast Scotties occasionally because the majority of their immune function is performed in their gut. If their digestive system is continually working, digesting meals, there is no time for maintenance and their immune system may suffer. Once a week, I turn my Scotties out with a nice beef rib or brisket bone to chew on. The exception is puppies under 12mths of age who continue to receive their meals during their most important growth and development period.

WHAT to feed

I feed a raw diet as I believe that the canine digestive system evolved as dogs in nature hunted and collected their food from the wild. Feeding raw whole food means that its nutrition is complete. The natural food supplements that I incorporate in my Scottie's diet are designed to ensure effective digestion, promote a healthy gut, strong immune system and reduce inflammation. It also guards against fleas, ticks and worms naturally. This diet ensures my Scotties enjoy healthy skin, coats and good dental hygiene. All ingredients are anti-inflammatory, apart from the meat, and ensure the uptake of all available nutrients. They give my Scotties a well balanced gut capable of resisting most environmental challenges.

My Scotties typically receive about 70% muscle meat, 10% bone, 5% organ meat they don't like so I feed dried liver treats instead, 10% vegetables, fruits and any other natural supplements like ground pumpkin seeds, garlic, parsley, flaxseed oil, sardines, green tripe and chicken bone broth and 5% oats. 


PUPPIES under 12mths: receive the same as adults but with no garlic, once puppies are 12mths of age they can start enjoying the benefits of garlic.

PUPPIES Weening to 8 weeks: have the same mixture, placed in a food processor and whizzed all together breaking down any bone. This simulates how the mother would feed her pups in the wild (e.g. she still goes out to hunt prey and forage for her food. She then pre-digests her meals regurgitating it for her young).

Meat and bones

  • Turkey

  • Beef

  • Lamb

  • Kangaroo

  • Fish

  • Eggs

  • Rabbit

  • Chicken

You can include mince, heart, cheek, shin, off cuts any muscle meats. Whole eggs and fish.

Freeze any wild prey and fish for 2 weeks to kill any parasites.

I buy human premium beef mince from butcher or supermarket because it is easy.





Chicken or Turkey legs, wings, feet, carcasses. Lamb or beef ribs....any animal bone that your dog can completely consume.

Larger weight bearing bones can chip teeth. Too much bone will cause constipation!

My Scotties get 2 chicken drumsticks every day. I buy human grade drumsticks from Supermarket at quite reasonable price.



You can include organ meat from any animal. My Scotties do not like liver or kidney in their meals! I oven cook chicken livers making them into treats that they love.

Too much offal meat can cause diarrhoea!

  • Liver

  • Kidney

  • Lung

  • Brain

  • Spleen 

  • Pancreas

  • Testicles

My Scotties do not like offal in their dinner so I dry chicken livers in the oven and give as treats






You can pretty much choose any seasonal vegetables and fruit as long as it is not on the avoid list! I just listed the ones I use because they are the ones we eat. I guess I pretty much go by the rule, if I won't eat it I won't expect my Scotties to eat!

               Apart from the raw thing!!!


Apple Cider Vinegar added to your dog's food or water bowel adds acidity to your dog's blood which makes them less appealing to ticks, fleas and worms. Acidity also guards against bacteria and yeast infections.... no more ear infections!

(RDI for your Scottie  1/2 tsp per day)

Bone Broth is good for whatever ails your dog! It supports healthy joints. It super amazing amounts of natural glucosamine, it's also packed with other joint protecting compounds like chondroitin and hyaluronic acid. It helps the liver to detox. It also promotes a healthy gut and has loads of calcium. Make some today! I put 6 or 8 chicken drumsticks or 2 or 3 carcasses in either a slow cooker or (my favourite) pressure cooker. Once you have cooked, cool and strain liquid and refrigerate. you will find that when cold it will have a jelly like consistency and you can pour it over your Scottie's meals.

Garlic is a healthy addition to your dog's diet as long as you don't over do! It is antibiotic, prebiotic, antifungual and antiparasitic. It supports beneficial bacteria in the digestive tract and eliminates harmful bacteria. It guards against fleas, ticks and worms. It prevents the formation of blood clots, decreases cholesterol build up, widens blood vessels and helps prevent the formation of tumours. It stimulates the lymphatic system to remove wastes.

(RDI  1/2 clove per day)

Do not give garlic under 6mths of age. 6mths to 12mths 1/2 RDI

Pumpkin seeds are amazing for your Scottie! Use them to eliminate worms. I can definitely attest to the effectiveness of raw, pumpkin seeds as a parasitic treatment on both humans and Scotties. They have been used to cure kidney ailments and urinary problems. They are an effective deworming agent against tapeworms and other intestinal parasites. They are loaded with protein, amino acids, fibre, iron, copper, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, zinc, potassium, folic acid and niacin, all important nutrients for your dog's overall good health.

They can be fed whole as a treat. Don't feed them the salted type from the grocery store, find some raw pepitas instead. If your dog doesn't enjoy them as a treat you can grind them in a coffee grinder or a magic bullet or a thermomix and add them to their meals.

    To eliminate worms  (RDI for your Scottie, 2 tsp once or twice a day until they are rid of the


Parsley is more than just a breath freshener! It is packed with chlorophyll which improves digestion. Chlorophyll increases oxygen utilisation in your dog's body. It also breaks down calcium oxalate stones in the bladder. Importantly, chlorophyll reduces the ability of carcinogens to bind with DNA in the liver and other organs. Dogs have the right idea when they eat grass, but the sad truth is that they do this because they have no other source of green plants. So give them parsley! You can use dried if no fresh is available.

Oats have many benefits for our Scotties health. They are anti-inflammatory and calming so cook some oatmeal and add to your Scotties meals daily. Not only are oats a good source of protein, they provide soluble fibre, iron, manganese, zinc, B vitamins and Folate. Oats act as a great nerve tonic. They benefit the skin, nervous system, stomach, spleen, lungs, urinary and reproductive systems.

Eggs are best whole and raw!

When feeding your dog eggs on a regular basis, simply make sure they get the whole egg, not just the white. Eggs do contain salmonella but dogs are well equipped to handle the bacteria in raw foods

If you give your dog eggs with the shell on, they are a nearly complete food. It is especially a great idea to feed eggs shell and all as the shells can provide lots of calcium for dogs that struggle with eating bones. You can dry the shells out and grind them in a clean coffee grinder until they are powdered and sprinkle the powder on your dog’s food (my scotties did not like this and refused food laced with ground egg shells..... I guess just try and see, don't add to much!).  Eggs are cheap, available and they provide an excellent source of nutrition for your dog. The health benefits of eggs certainly outweigh the risks – and feeding eggs whole, the way nature intended, goes a long way to counteract harmful imbalances.                    


Try feeding your Scotties a couple of eggs a week and you’ll see better health, inside and out. I put raw eggs in their meat mixture.


Some people believe that eggs are too high in cholesterol and they pose a risk of salmonella. This is simply not true! Eggs are affordable and a safe source of raw food for your dog, they are one of the most complete and nutritious meals you can choose! Eggs are an important source of nutrition and are also one of the most complete sources of amino acids, the building blocks of protein. They are a good source of: Vitamin A, Riboflavin, Folate, Vitamin B12, Iron, Selenium and Fatty Acids.

Egg whites also contain enzyme inhibitors which can interfere with digestion but that just means that eggs should not be the mainstay of the diet. It is perfectly safe to feed several eggs a week to the average dog.  If you don’t see evidence of digestive upset when feeding eggs to dogs, then they should have no trouble if eggs are a regular part of their diet.

Dogs are omnivorous carnivores. Wolves and dogs have eaten vegetables for 1000's of years by eating the gut contents of their prey. They have also scavenged for fruit, berries, grasses, roots and other vegetable matter.

Vegetables and fruit help to balance the alkalinity and acidity of the diet which is important to our Scotties health.

The Liver, pancreas, gallbladder, hormones, heart and kidneys function better in a more alkaline environment. Acidity contributes to inflammation which is responsible for a lot of chronic diseases.

Vegetables and fruits provide a wide range of nutrients, vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, enzymes, anti-oxidants and fibre, many of which can kill cancer cells, reduce inflammation and promote gut health and support a healthy liver.

10% of your Scotties diet should VEGETABLES AND FRUITS

Vegetables and fruits must be fed raw for maximum benefit but you will need to crush or pulverise them in a juicer, blender, Nutri bullet, thermomix or your Scottie will not be able to digest them. 

Avoid onions, legumes, macadamias and avocados which can be toxic to dogs. Only use small amounts of cabbage family and avoid starchy vegetables like potatoes, sweet potatoes and peas.

Fruit must be ripe or it can cause diarrhoea. Always remove stones and seeds to avoid blockages.

I choose 2, 3 or 4 veg and 1 or 2 fruits from the following lists for each batch of mince that I make up. I try and vary each batch so that my Scotties are getting a good variety of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients.












I have six adult Scotties. To feed them and make it as easy as possible on me I try and prepare their food in advance. So once a week I pick up 4kg of premium grade mince beef from the butcher. I make 2 cups of quick oats or lentils into porridge and cool (I use an electric pressure cooker which makes it so easy but you can use a saucepan on the stove just as well, or even the microwave)

I choose three or four veggies and a little fruit and place them in the Thermomix (food processor or Nutri bullet) and pulp.

I take 4kg of raw beef mince, add the oat or lentil porridge, pulped fruit and veg and 200ml of flaxseed oil

This is pictures of raw beetroot, celery, carrot, apple and alfalfa, pulped in thermomix and mixed into cooked and cooled porridge. 200ml of flaxseed oil from Coles and all mixed together in blue plastic tub.


Then I place daily amount in food safe containers and freeze. For a single Scottie you could use zip lock sandwich bags. If you have more than a couple of Scotties you could do as I do and buy the Chinese take away style food storage containers and freeze in daily amounts. This way I only need to thaw out enough for each day to ensure that food is always fresh.



Commercially processed dog foods, they have been tested and been found to come up alarmingly short. Manufacturers and their marketers have been especially good at convincing everyone that dry dog foods, for example, provide a nutritionally balanced diet making feeding your dog easy and convenient. Tests have shown that many of the ingredients are poor quality and often contain cancer-causing moulds. Even the most expensive premium brands are compromised by bacteria and various toxins. They then fortify it with synthetic vitamins and minerals (which put stress on the liver and kidneys), in an effort to label their product in a way that conforms to nutritional recommended daily intake levels. Processing then adds toxic by-products.

Dogs are extremely resilient and nature has blessed them with a strong immune system to handle just about anything they might encounter. But Nature did not account for commercial dog foods! Feeding your dog with commercial dog foods will not kill them straight away. But over time it will starve their system of valuable nutrients, bombard their organs with toxins and tax their immune systems leaving them unprotected against environmental bacteria and viral infections.

Kibble is the sneaky killer! Dogs are developing allergic type responses, which most commonly include, skin complaints, itchiness  rashes, hot spots, ear infections, stinky breath, poor oral health and poor coat condition, these are indications that something is not quite right! A good natural diet can restore health and vigour but if left untreated and you continue to feed your dog kibble, far more serious conditions can develop.


I have often heard people say "I have been feeding them the same kibble for months or years and they were fine last week?" Unfortunately it is the process of poor nutrition over time that slowly erodes good health. It would be much easier if they just got sick as soon as you fed your dog some kibble! Then we could easily say "yes.....that's to blame!"

Since the introduction of commercial canine diets in the depression years, alarming trends have slowly emerged. Our canine companions have shortened their lifespan and the incidence of disease is ever increasing. We are losing our canine companions to various cancers and other autoimmune conditions. Just as highly processed convenience foods are affecting us.

KIBBLE TO DOGS IS LIKE MCDONALDS TO US! Human convenience food (highly processed) is the blame for obesity and those conditions related to it. Epidemic proportions of diet related conditions and autoimmune deficiencies have been blamed for shortening our lives. We are realising that choosing a highly processed diet for ourselves is a poor choice. We now know that highly processed diets will lead to disease. This is true for our dogs as well!  Feed fresh, raw foods just as nature intended. Remove unnecessary carbohydrates, sugars and dairy from the diet and give your dog the opportunity to lead a long and healthy life.

You will argue that a natural diet will cost more.....(not necessarily true), but you will save hundreds of dollars over your dogs lifespan, otherwise paid out in veterinary charges.

You will argue that it is not as convenient....a small price to pay for the health and wellbeing of your best friend!


  Processed pet foods are toxic to your dog’s liver.                    

A liver-friendly diet would be a fresh, raw diet free of synthetic vitamins.


Try not to cook meats if you can. Think about it! All species on the planet eat raw food except for humans. We cook our food to please our taste buds, but in the process we lose many beneficial nutrients. It’s the same when we cook food for our dogs but their taste buds actually like raw foods. 

WHAT NOT to feed


Convenient alternative

 I recently discovered OrganicPaws. It is a safe, natural, raw and balanced certified organic pet food that mimics the diet of a carnivore in nature. OrganicPaws feel the same way that I do, that pet food should be food our pets would instinctively love and thrive on, giving them the best chance of living a long, healthy and disease free life.

OrganicPaws raw meat recipes are naturally nutritionally balanced and biologically appropriate for cats and dogs. They contain no artificial pesticides, chemical fertilisers, antibiotics, growth hormones, bioengineering (GMO’s), chemicals, preservatives or synthetic contaminants of any kind. Its purity is guaranteed through “Organic Certification”, giving the consumer verification that the food is safe, naturally nutritionally dense and completely free from toxic pollutants.

After running around sourcing meat, bones and offal from various establishments, hauling it all home, carting it all inside and fastidiously weighing, packaging and freeze it all, I am happy to recommend OrganicPaws as a convenient alternative!

Check it out for yourself at You can even put your post code in and find a stockist near you!

What could be better than certified organic healthy meals for your Scottie?

Made with Certified Organic meats, ground bone and organs including green tripe, each Organic Paws recipe is complete to simulate a carnivore’s natural diet.  Using “whole” carcasses including all prime cuts ie. porterhouse, sirloin, topside steak and rumps etc. ensures only nutritious quality muscle meat is used with no fatty trim or offcuts. Cod Liver Oil and Kelp are also added to each recipe in balanced quantities, both well known and documented for their overall and powerful health benefits.

Organic Paws recipes are biologically appropriate, toxin free, complete and balanced meals for your pet, giving them the daily nutrition they need to thrive with good health.

Each 2.25kg box contains
3 x 750gm containers
for convenience and ease
to portion.



1. Never wash poultry!

Droplets of water or spray-back from a fierce tap is one of the easiest ways of spreading the bacteria. Even if you are extra careful and fill your sink full of water, you still run the risk of spreading the bacteria through anything else the water comes into contact with. If your poultry has juices from the packaging that you want to remove before cooking, the easiest way is to dab it with kitchen paper then dispose of the kitchen paper straight away.


2. Avoid cross-contamination

This means never use anything that has come into contact with raw meat and poultry on cooked foods without washing them thoroughly first. This includes your hands, chopping boards, knives, kitchen cloths, dishes and plates, barbecue tongs, basting brushes. 

Safe Handling of

Raw Poultry