Scottish Terriers are just the best!


Of course I may be a little bias! These two pictures are of me with my very first Scotty 'Cindy'. Well it was the 60's and I was a wee lass myself. Cindy became affectionately known as 'Jock' and devotedly followed my father everywhere. She went with us everywhere and she especially loved to run on the beach. I couldn't separate her from my Dad when I left home to start my own family..... I certainly missed her presence!




Once my children were old enough, I was bursting at the seams to welcome a new Scottie to my clan, so in the 80's 'Laura' flew from Ballarat in Victoria to South Australia and became a very important part of our lives and in  90's we welcomed Bonnie to our clan.

(Sorry! I wasn't much of a photographer!)


'My Scotties have made my life so much richer. Their unconditional love and devotion seems boundless. I love to share the special joy that these little souls engender'.

The next chapter opened in 2006 when I decided that it was finally time to give something back to the Scotties. I searched long and hard to find this very special pair. The task was not an easy one. I found that as soon as I mentioned that I wanted to breed Scotties myself, no breeders were willing to sell me a puppy. So it wasn't until 2008 that I finally found 'Calan', who came to me from NSW. Some months later he was followed by 'Fyfa', flying all the way from VIC. And I must express my gratitude to those breeders willing to give me a chance. When these two finally arrived it was love at first sight....for all of us of course! And that is how Calanclan came to be!

As a responsible breeder of Scottish Terriers my first concern was for the health and wellbeing of my dogs. Their safety and comfort come first above all other considerations. Once I became confident that my dogs have the very best care that I could possibly provide I set about fulfilling a lifelong ambition. I strive to help as many families as I can, discover the joy that every Scottie brings. With each puppy I feel honoured to be able to provide the gift of welcoming a Scottish Terrier into the lives of their new families.

Great consideration is given to the health and vitality of the breed. The Scottish Terrier is such a versatile, vigorous and stoic little character, brimming with personality. I believe that the essence of the Scottie must be guarded and carefully maintained by responsible breeding practices.

We have a set standards for the breed which is designed to ensure that we can predict that every purebred Scottie will look like a Scottie! So breeding to meet set standards is important and mandatory.


Mission Statement